I could really use a little more support

I woke up early today with numbers going through my mind. I suppose it was 6am when I looked at the clock this day, but luckily I went to bed around 10pm, so I pretty much got all of the sleep I needed. I’m just a bit amped up about this EV stock I am sitting on, as I am feeling that it is going to take off pretty soon. The company began back in 2014 and next month they will finally start the manufacturing process and shipping cars to patrons, however i have about 10K shares from my Heating, Ventilation and A/C system repair job at the local business, and hopefully they will be worth something by the end of this year or midway through next. The cars have a fantastic air purifying system in them and the cooling system is second to none from what I have heard online. I will keep an eye on the price and plan on selling the stock when the timing is right. I worked a lot with my heating dealership over the years doing HVAC duct sealing and things like that, and basically put all of my savings into this corporation. I guess I will know something soon because in just five more weeks they will be building cars. My Heating, Ventilation and A/C tech acquaintance also has the same number of shares from all of his heating device sales and my buddy and I would both be set if this stock can reach its all time high one more time. I guess time will tell and it all comes down to patience at this point.

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