This afternoon is pretty normal

I wanted to use the word scoff, as I was reading the Good Book the other afternoon plus saw the word scoffer.

It means someone who makes fun of others basically, plus I thought it sounded like a funny word.

I have been reading some of the psalms to give me some insight on things plus to give me some ideas for my tunes. This week is going to be a pretty normal afternoon for me, as I am going to do all of the things I normally do plus then head to the beach later to chill. My heating component is keeping me hot in my office as I write, plus it is also saving me money from having to run the main Heating plus A/C system. I don’t like to heat the whole locale when I am just in one room for most of the afternoon. It saves me a lot of money having a small space boiler like I have, plus I am blissful that the heating dealership sold it to me for such a great price last summer. I bought it right in the middle of summer time on a entirely hot afternoon, plus the owner almost gave me the thing because it was so cheap. Now the little heating component is entirely coming in handy as it runs on unquestionably little power yet heats up the room unquestionably nicely. I should go down to the store one more time to say hi to the Heating plus A/C company owner plus thank him for selling it to me so cheaply. My buddy and I have some great people in this town, plus no scoffers!



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