I was feeling so tired

I have about an hour of labor left to do online despite the fact that I am so exhausted already that I suppose I may need to take a nap before I tackle the rest of my work. I don’t have anything going on until 4pm when I go train a purchaser on the beach, so I suppose a nice little nap is in order so that I have energy to get through the afternoon. I was drumming last night plus singing for about two hours, plus today I am kind of exhausted, but my friend and I did record some great new songs. My smart temperature control stopped toiling for some reason last night plus I was wondering if maybe they had some kind of batteries inside, but the Heating plus A/C tech who installed it said nothing about batteries in the thing. I assume it could be something else, despite the fact that I may just call the lady plus see what she says about this model. It is a new Wi-Fi programmable temperature control that I bought at the heating plus cooling company plus I don’t suppose they would put batteries in these things nowadays. But you never know, so it would be a great idea to give them a call plus see what they have to say about it. I could walk down to the Heating plus A/C supplier, as it is only about a five minute walk from the local company where I live in the back. I will take this nap first plus then when I get up I will decide if I want to call them or bravely walk down to the locale.



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