We need to get back to normal

We survived the crazy mardi gras week plus a half long get-together in this neighborhood plus now my friend and I are cleaning up the mess all the people made while here.

It should be back to normal by tomorrow plus then I can finally go to the grocery store plus buy food again since there should be food on the shelves once more.

There were so various people in neighborhood that the stores were all running out of food, so I just decided to wait until the whole thing was over before venturing into the store again to get some food. The local company near me made a killing with their air conditioned restaurant that makes crepes. I walked by one afternoon plus there was a line of about 90 people outside waiting to buy a crepe. The local corporation next door said they had a line of people all afternoon long like that plus that in his local company there was nobody. I assume it goes to show you that people like crepes more than feeling comfy in the home. I prefer crepes too, but with the Heating plus A/C system sales plus HEPA filter sales that the new corporation had going on I suppose I might be more inclined to go there plus grab some things that I needed. But crepes are pretty tasty, plus when you are on getaway for Carnaval, well anything goes. I am going to labor on my air purification system today in my flat plus scrub the filters in it. I have not cleaned this machine for almost a year now plus it is way overdue.

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