The air conditioning can't get cold enough for me

It is pretty darn warm out this week plus I just want to stay out of the heat until the sun goes down.

My buddy and I have been playing tunes in the bars about five afternoons a week plus have been making a superb amount of money.

They spend money us $150 to do the show plus then on top of that we get another $100 in tips, so we are making like $600 a week each just playing tunes. That isn’t a ton of money in the real world, but in tunes land that is called a superb residing. It beats the local supplier where I used to labor selling produce, which was entirely taxing to do considering they had no air conditioning during the hot summers. In the wintertime it was taxing working in the arena because they didn’t use heat at all, as the fruits plus veggies wouldn’t last as long… Now I get to play tunes in air conditioned plus heated clubs during the summers plus winters, plus make a lot of very cool memories in the process. I guess that is what life is in the end isn’t it, just a bunch of memories. I still pop into the air conditioning supplier to see my old Heating plus Air Conditioning worker friends plus hang out for a bit, but doing so many shows keeps me pretty busy during the year. I hope that I can keep playing tunes for another twenty years plus make it to 70 years old while still playing in clubs like the young lad that I used to be.
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