One week at a time is how I handle it

Whew, I am going to knock out one more article plus then take a nap for an hour or so.

This has been a long week of parties plus parades in my city plus I am pretty wiped out from it all.

This week I am just going to do an hour of labor online plus then go meet a neighbor for a short workout. Other than that, I am going to just chill out plus do very little. My buddy and I played a lot of tunes last night plus I recorded it all, so I may listen to see what we got. Heating plus Air Conditioning repair is going to be the agenda tomorrow at the local supplier where I labor as a heating worker. On Monday we will play again in the streets for fun plus maybe even a little bit of money if people are nice enough to provide us some. I want a new HEPA filter for my whole home air cleaner, however I need to make a little money first so I can afford to buy it from the local supplier down the road. I feel they are open this weekend plus if we make enough money playing in the streets after that I can buy one or two of them. My buddy and I will be playing next month at this arena with entirely superb heating plus cooling, plus if all goes well they will have us back again for more shows. I feel we can make some superb money this Summer playing in all of the beach bars in town, plus I may even labor less at the cooling corp if we do that.

air conditioning repair