During the warranty period, my new furnace was covered

Whenever you purchase a new furnace, you hope that you will never have to purchase another one since they cost thousands of dollars and they’re expected to last for at least a decade.

  • My surprise was evident when a Heating and Air Conditioning professional told me that my furnace was shot and that it would need to be upgraded.

My furnace had been updated less than 2 years prior, so I could not see why it needed to be upgraded, and logically, nothing should have caused that furnace to stop running so early. My furnace wasn’t warming up my house, which is why I called a Heating and A/C technician in the first place. Although I couldn’t comprehend upgrading it when it was so young, I hired a different Heating and A/C supplier for a second opinion and he told me the same thing. As well as not being able to heat my house again, I would have to get a new furnace. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my heater was still under warranty, and the cost was covered. The money wouldn’t have to come from my own pocket. The Heating and A/C supplier informed me about the warranty since I was not able to buy another furnace, but one was sufficient! It’s also good that my furnace stopped genuinely working before the warranty expired.

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