My life finally came together when I met my wife

I tell you, it’s been a long coming.

finding the right lady for me.

I always had the worst luck with women in the past as I only seemed to find the wrong types. They all seemed to only care about getting into the money somehow and I never really was all about the money. I figured a man just needed to make enough to be able to take care of his family if he chose to have a family. I wanted a family eventually but never found anybody I really wanted to have a family with, until I met my wife. I mean in the past, I had ladies judge me for having a house that was too small. One lady even talked trash on my fireplace and laughed at how long it took me to get the fire started. I ended up asking her to leave and she said I had lousy temperature control settings in my house anyway. Well, my wife, she actually loved my fireplace and offered to get the fire started herself. I wasn’t even planning on using the fireplace when I first brought her to my home, but we watched movies together and just enjoyed one another’s company. We had been together for many years and finally I just knew that we had to be together for life, so I asked her to marry me. We ended up getting a fairly decent sized home in the country with an awesome fireplace and a nice zoned HVAC system. It also doesn’t hurt that we have 10 acres of land.

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