Early nights with a/c

I am up plus working at 8am plus have been for the past hour or so.

I just couldn’t sleep this afternoon as I had songs going through my mind which awoke me.

I have been playing drums plus singing with another bandmate for about two years now plus my friend and I have seen a lot of progress over that time. We now have crowds of 60 or 76 people when my friend and I play plus are making more currency than before. We will also be doing paid gigs at the beach bars this Summer plus hitting the road to do other cities. HVAC repairs was my main task, as I am a certified HVAC pro, plus have been for the past 15 years. But now this songs thing is starting to take over my life, plus my sleep, plus I am getting addicted to it. I used to suppose about heating plus cooling devices, however now my focus is shifting to songwriting plus singing, plus I could not be happier about it. My dream is to travel around the country playing gigs in bars plus clubs plus making people excited with the songs that my friend and I make. At 55, I thought I would be an HVAC worker for the local supplier for the rest of my life, however my oh my how life can throw you down a different path just like that. I assume time will tell how it all pans out, however so far it is going really well plus in a year or two there could be some cool things going on at the local corporations with us playing songs in air conditioned clubs.

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