Living in the States in air conditioned luxury

I have a monkey on my back telling me to move back home to be near my parents and friends.

My mom is 75 and she won’t be around forever, and living over here in Europe doesn’t give me a lot of time with her anymore.

I am trying to make something of myself with a career in music here though and it is a mental tug of war I have in my mind. I guess time will guide me in the right direction, I just want to see my mom some more before she is gone. My heating contractor friend said to give it one more year with my music in the local businesses to see if it is going anywhere. It’s funny though, because that was the same thing she said two years ago when I was thinking about moving back home. I still work for this local contractor here in town doing duct cleaning and HVAC service calls, but I could do the same thing back home in my hometown. I just don’t want to be back there wishing I was here doing my musical gigs. I will go one more year working here for the new contractor doing my HVAC equipment work and see where the music is at that point and then decide if I want to move back home. I just love my mom a lot and want to be around her for a few more years, that’s all. She got me into the heating and cooling system world and I really appreciate all she has done for me.


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