My central air conditioner will be working overtime

It is safe to say that in the next few months, our air conditioners will be working overtime. Over the last few years, if you’ve noticed, the months have been getting warmer. In fact, recently, we had one of the hottest Summers on record, and the experts are predicting warmer temperatures in the future. As the temperature heats up more and more, people will be using their central air conditioning to remain comfortable in their houses. Personally, I live in the southern part of the country, so I am used to using my A/C for most of the year. However, under normal weather conditions, I would begin using my A/C in late April or early May. But this year, I began using my A/C in January, and I expect to use it through the end of September. With this much use of my central air conditioning, it’s important that my HVAC unit is in the best possible condition. This is the reason I make sure that my HVAC unit is inspected and tuned up every year by a licensed HVAC repairman. With all these predictions of warmer temperatures to come, I would hate to have my unit break down in the middle of a heat wave. Unlike during the Winter time, where I can use my space heater as a substitute for central heating, I do not have a backup means of cooling for the Summer months. I can’t control what’s to come with the weather, but what I can do is to make sure that my central air conditioning and heating are in the best possible condition.

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