I always get my HVAC unit serviced during the Spring

The year just began, but Spring break is already right around the corner.

My kids will be out of school for a week, and they are looking forward to the break.

During this time of year, I usually get ready for the warmer months to approach. And there are always a few things that I do around my home to get ready for the warmer seasons. Of course, spring cleaning is at the top of the list and my checklist has lots of tasks to be completed. A few include cleaning all the baseboards and window sills, washing my curtains, and replacing all the heavy drapery with lighter window treatments. I also clean my HVAC air vents as well as dust all the light fixtures in my home. In addition to cleaning, there are a few tasks that I never skip. They include changing the air filter in my HVAC unit and removing debris and leaves away from the unit. Most importantly, I always schedule my yearly maintenance during the Spring. Because I live in the south, I use my HVAC unit the most during the warmer months, which means from April all the way to October my A/C will be running on most of those days. Getting the HVAC unit serviced will guarantee that it doesn’t malfunction while the weather is hot outside. During Spring break, my kids will be thinking about what new video games to play, while my schedule will be packed doing things to make sure that my house remains as comfortable as can be. And having a working HVAC unit is essential for our comfort.

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