I don’t appreciate that Heating and Air Conditioning worker

I had to make a vow to our wifey that I would never get on the roof again! Jamie says that if she catches me doing dangerous things again she will divorce me.

I guess she is bluffing, however at the same time I’ve never seen her so mad before! I do understand her point, though.

Even though I am almost 50 years outdated I do not appreciate to act our age. I feel appreciate I am still a young man, as well as act accordingly. My last attempt to get up on the roof as well as clear out the air vents was disastrous, not only did I fall off the roof as well as dislocate our shoulder, I also didn’t manage to get the air vents cleared out either! With the air vents jammed up the central Heating and Air Conditioning system was acting erratically, however Jamie made me promise to leave it alone. Instead she called Jim, the young girl who used to split our grasss as well as is now a certified Heating and Air Conditioning tech! When Jim came over she saw me with our shoulder bandaged up as well as said “I heard you had a little trouble with the air vents.” And then she winked at me, as well as if our shoulder was dissituated I would have punched him! Jim constantly was an arrogant young punk, as well as now that she has her Heating and Air Conditioning certification she is rubbing it in our face. I prayed that Jim would fall off the roof as she was cleaning out the air vents, just for a sense of karmic justice. She didn’t fall, but she did flirt with our wifey.



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