Making more money than ever as an HVAC expert

Technically speaking I am old enough to retire, but I have no desire to do so.

How would I fill up my days if I didn’t have a job? All of my kids have long since moved out and started families of their own.

My wife passed away two years ago. My house feels so big and empty, I have grown to hate living there. If I quit working, I would have nothing to do but watch TV and ride out the clock until I join my wife on the other side. My best friend Ed came to me with an interesting idea. He read an article about the growing demand for certified HVAC techs in the southern states. Down south HVAC techs get paid a lot more money than I have ever made before. Ed suggested I look for a retirement community along the beach somewhere and apply for a job as their HVAC expert. This is the epitome of “killing two birds with one stone” because I got to move to a beautiful condo on the beach and keep doing the HVAC work I love! Up north most of the repairs were on heating systems, because the winter months can be bitterly cold. Down here there are very few heater repairs being requested, because there is very little cause to ever use them. On the other hand, air conditioners are in use heavily for 8 to 10 months a year. I love my new place, I love the beach, and I love making more money than ever before as an HVAC tech.

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