The dogs like the hum of our oil furnace

Winter this year was really the very first time that I got to see snow for real. I’ve seen snow in books and one time when I was driving from coast to coast. I’ve never really had the opportunity to live anywhere that it has snowed until just recently. The people I was with in addition to myself got a job working at a company that is very close to here. The company needed me to relocate to a different city in order to give me the money that I wanted. I didn’t mind relocating to a different city. My girlfriend was keen to go as well. The two of us packed up our house just as quickly as we could so the moving company could deposit our things on the other side of the country. Then my wife in addition to myself crawled under the blanket until it was morning. The first thing we had to do in the new place was worry about the oil furnace. The oil furnace was run down, but the landlord said he would take care of it. He told me that it would be done before we arrived at the new place, but that was not true. We had to wait three days before the oil furnace repair company came to the new house. They weren’t very kind and that made the two of us think about hiring someone else when we finally did the upgrades. We’re probably going to add radiant heated flooring to the bathroom due to the cold weather around here and it would be nice to have a snow melt system in the driveway as well.


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