Can always count on our HVAC professionals

It’s funny how so little business is actually transacted in person these days.

  • It was pretty clear that evolutions in technology were driving that trend.

It was far cheaper to have automated systems than to have real people working for the customer. But I miss it. There are times I’ll spend hours inside the central air conditioning of my home office trying to get some help. But there is little more than sending an email to some faceless, voiceless customer service center. The best case scenario is I might get a live online chat with a customer service rep. But even that is rare and it’s impossibly frustrating. So instead of freaking out and being mad about this trend, I’m instead taking great pleasure in people like my HVAC professionals. These are people that we met some 30 years ago when we moved here to start new jobs and ultimately a family. The local HVAC company that we use replaced the worn out heat pump when we first moved in. And the same HVAC professionals replaced that heat pump with the latest in residential HVAC just last year. Throughout all these times, the HVAC company has always answered the phone. These HVAC professionals have always been ready to help us in any way that they could. They were there every fall for heating maintenance. And back again in the spring to do the air conditioning tune up. We never had a problem until the last heat pump was nearing the end. And even then, the HVAC company was there immediately to help us with that HVAC repair. Those same HVAC professionals were also more than happy to come to our home to help us choose this amazing HVAC technology that we now have in our home. They’re always ready to help.

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