The garage gets some air conditioning

I’m actually looking forward to the summer this year.

That’s not something that I usually feel. Normally, as we move into March, I’m sad that the perfect weather of winter is ending. I love the weather here in the winter and the heat pump doesn’t get much work since the temperatures are so totally mild. But with the coming spring also comes the dread of summer because of all the heat and humidity. The level of heat in this region can be overwhelming even when you have great residential HVAC like we do. I’m very proud to have a great house and superior quality heating and air from a great heat pump. But I’m also a bit of an outsider in my own home because I like more cooling than the rest of the family during the worst of the heat. Yet, my wife is a thermostat hawk for two reasons. She’s skinny and has a higher tolerance to heat. And she hates spending too much money on cooling comfort from the heat pump. I’m just shy of being a fat guy who loves as much air conditioning as he can get. This summer, that’s going to be a reality and not because I’m now living elsewhere. But I do have my own spot inside the house where I can crank the air conditioning if I want to. I had a ductless heat pump installed in the garage. This HVAC technology is very efficient and so I’m not breaking the house rules on saving on air conditioning costs. And since it’s the garage and I’m the only one out there, I’ll be loving life this summer I do believe.

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