Replacing in-laws HVAC

My parents died fairly young. Both of them went within two years of each other. And both of them succumbed to a disease that was at least mercifully quick. However, my parents loved my wife and I’m glad that she was around to know them. It’s not that way with her parents. The first time I met them, they were more frigid toward me than a thermostat setting in the 60s. And it really hasn’t changed much over the years. I was just not what they wanted for their daughter. I was from the south and we ended up settling here after we were married. This took their daughter further away. I was also not rich and of the wrong political persuasion as well. Still, we lived comfortably inside the central air conditioning of a nice 3 bedroom home. One of the bedrooms is my office and I added a ductless heat pump in there. But as the years went by, it became more and more clear that the in-laws wanted to move to be closer to us. I did my part by finding them just the right place. It was a nice condo on a golf course and all it needed was to have the HVAC equipment replaced. They bought it and prior to them moving in, I had the HVAC company replace the residential HVAC. But the ductwork was no good and would have to be replaced. That’s when I thought about the ductless heat pump in my office. The HVAC professionals ended up going with a ductless multi split system. And believe it or not, my in-laws are super happy with the ductless heat pumps.

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