Clean freak discovers ductwork cleaning

My kids and husband know better than to just dump their stuff simply anywhere.

They all know the response this elicits from me.

And we all want to avoid getting me going about the order and cleanliness of the house. I’m lucky to live in such a nice place with such great quality heating and air and so many conveniences. However, I’ve been a total clean freak since I was a little girl. I think this cleaning thing was a bit of a coping mechanism. I grew up in a house that had more than its fair share of turmoil and drama. That was something that really affected me in a negative way. I always felt a bit out of control when things were tense and ugly in my mom’s home. So I would clean. This seemed to take my mind off of all the negativity inside the central air conditioning of that house. Over the years, I simply turned into a person who must have a clean, well organized environment. That goes for my office as well as inside the air conditioning of my own home. So no, the kids know that everything has its place and we all clean up after ourselves as well as pitch in on weekly cleaning duties. It was during a brief break during one of those weekly cleanings that the air duct for the HVAC caught my eye. I could see that it was dirty. Upon further inspection, I was horrified to see there was some serious filthy behind that air duct vent. That’s when I discovered that ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing were a thing. And let me tell you, ductwork cleaning is now an annual event.



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