Transformation thanks to air purification

It’s so nice to be deeply in love with my home once again.

My wife and I had both fallen madly in love with that house the first time we saw it.

After months of looking to be a homeowner, we stumbled across this place. And I mean literally. My wife was pregnant but we still got out of the air conditioning in the evening for a walk. The more pregnant she got, the more she needed flatter terrain to walk. This eventually led me to scout out spots we could drive to since our apartment was in a hilly part of town. On one of our journeys outside of the not so great central air conditioning of our apartment, I literally tripped over the for sale sign on this house. Had I not, we might have walked right by it as it was a bit worn down. Yet, we called and the realtor took us inside. It was love at first sight. However, due to poor indoor air quality that was made worse when the heat pump kicked on, the honeymoon was short. Before long, we were both not at all pleased with the smell inside our house. Once the baby was born, we had to address the smells because we had an additional source of odors in a crib. The HVAC company had the sort of HVAC professionals who would come to our rescue as though they were couples counselors. They helped us fall madly in love with our home once again by transforming the home with air purification. The whole home air purification system now produces the best indoor air quality with nothing but fresh scents and clean air.

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