Make sure the HVAC contractor is first rate

Taking on a custom home build project is one of the more challenging things I’ve done in my life.

I’m just really glad that I waited until I was retired before I took on that effort.

There is no way I could have been on top of all the details of a custom home build while still sitting inside the commercial HVAC of the office all day. Talk about fractured focus. I would have not done justice to either my new home or my work. So I’m thankful that I hung it up when it came to the zone controlled HVAC of the office prior to building this house. I’m also glad that I had the time to really be involved in who exactly was building my home. My wife and I were glad to have the sort of general contractor who invited our input and vetting of subcontractors. For the most part, we went with his preferred folks like electricians, plumbers and the like. But when it came to the heating and cooling of our new home, we wanted to pick our own HVAC contractor. Having the best quality heating and air in our new place was a high priority for the two of us. We’d lived with sort of mediocre residential HVAC for a long time in our old place. So this time, we were heavily prioritizing the heating and cooling in our new, custom designed home. And it took us a couple of months before we found just the HVAC contractor we were looking for. It was worth the wait and the effort. This HVAC professional was passionate about heating and cooling and it showed. We now have the sort of quality heating and air that we had really only dreamed of living with.


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