The a/c was turning off

For some reason, the a/c kept turning off in the hotel room that we were staying in the other evening.

  • It was so frustrating! I consistently set the a/c entirely low whenever we are staying in hotel rooms, but that’s because I assume that it gets so hot plus stuffy inside of hotel rooms while we are asleep.

Maybe that’s because there are consistently 4 or 5 of us in the hotel room at the same time. My spouse plus I consistently travel with our several kids. I would normally blame 1 of the kids for breaking the a/c, however that’s not what happened this time. This time, the kids were all super fatigued plus all several of them went right to sleep. I decided to go on plus set the control equipment at 65 the way that I normally do, however the thing just wouldn’t stop turning itself off. I don’t know what in the world was going on with the a/c system, unless it was doing it on purpose! That’s when I got the bad system that maybe they had settings built right into the control equipment plus you could not entirely adjust them to be warmer or cooler. I was pretty distraught about that because the nice chilly air that I get in the room at the hotel is 1 of the main reasons that I ever want to stay in a hotel in the first site! Without being able to adjust the a/c the way that I wanted it, I knew that I was going to wake up covered in sweat. I’m consistently hot these days. I called the front desk to see if there was some way to override the system, however they said that there wasn’t.

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