We would bond in the kitchen where it was warm

I remember our childhood beach home fondly. It may have been somewhat tiny, however to me, it was massive when I was much younger. One thing about it is that the walls were thin so it did not have particularly fantastic insulation. This did not bother me so much as a kid, mostly because I did not necessarily know about it all that often. However, I do remember that there were numerous ways to keep cozy, especially in the winter. Mom would often get us particularly thick plus fuzzy slippers plus socks for example. I would also get particularly nice and hot robes. Furthermore, she would buy us thick blankets so that my fantastic I typically manage to be comfortable despite the sparse insulation and heating in our home. I distinctly remember that on particularly chilly winter season days, I would often stay in the vicinity of the kitchen because Mom would often be baking or cooking. I stayed in the kitchen just as much for the sake of the warmth it offered as for the appealing aromas plus our natural curiosity for how Mom cooked and baked. She shared many secrets and recipes with me when I was a kid, that I still use to this afternoon. Perhaps it wasn’t simple having terrible insulation in our beach home and a gas furnace that wasn’t all that efficient, however it led to us receiving heartfelt gifts from our parents to keep us hot and a pick to bond in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that our beach home has fantastic insulation and heating today.



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