Don’t fall for the electric furnace scam

I’m very getting sick plus tired of it.

Three times a day I have been getting cellphone calls from scammers telling myself and others that they have this unbelievable promotional thing about updating my electric furnace system.

I literally just had an Heating plus A/C expert come into my home plus upgrade my plan last week. I used to have a gas furnace but wanted to go a odd route. I just don’t believe how these scammers appreciate knew I was at 1 point in the market to upgrade my system. Maybe my cellphone or laptop is hacked because that’s very the only way they could figure it out. I talked to my neighbor John about it the other day plus he says he gets several about his automobile extended warranty. My other neighbor Beth says that he gets a few a day about his automobile insurance policy. I can say I’m getting severely frustrated plus wish these cellphone calls would stop. I used to answer them plus almost got caught but thankfully I outwitted the scammer. Then after that both of us messed with them a bit because I was bored plus eventually that became boring, and now my cellphone rings plus I look at it plus roll my esure in disgust. I tried talking to a few people to see if there is anything I can do but there very isn’t. They will hopefully eventually stop but it’s most very discouraging. I make sure to let all my friends plus family believe on social media or other means to be careful because I very don’t want them to get scammed.