Stress at work

My partner & I were dealing with a fair amount of stress while at work for the past couple of weeks, so as a way to relax a little more we decided that we would go & spend our Monday night at a hoops game, upon arrival at this game we realized just how cold it was, and it felt as if each seat had an air conditioner unit built underneath & it was an seriously strenuous task to stay comfortable.

We spoke with a single of the staff members there & asked him why the location was blasting cold cold air throughout the entire location despite the fact that it was in the middle of January.

I was a bit embarrassed to ask them about the matter, but our wife was literally shaking in her seat & was holding a warm chocolate she had ordered just to stay warm! During halftime the staff member told us that he had no system why it was so cold & that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C team that works on the location usually does a unbelievable job! Even though they weren’t able to adjust the a/c that the location had at the time, the staff were able to give us blankets that were regular team gear which was pretty cool. It was unbelievable to get out of the lake house to relieve some stress, even though I just wish that it wasn’t so cold the entire time!