My son definitely surpassed me and I am proud of him

I have to give our son props.

I always thought music was just something experimental for him that he would move past and go on to bigger and better things.

Well, I was wrong about that because what he does is bigger and better than I possibly could have imagined. Who knows what it was for me, maybe I was jealous that he was able to pursue a true passion of his and be successful. I played guitar when I was younger and I was even in a band for a short time, but we never made it anywhere and the band ended up breaking up. If I had the ambition and drive that my son has, maybe I would have pushed myself into something successful with music, but I just focused on college and became a banker. Hey, the money is good and I have good job security. I take care of my family and that’s what was important in my mind. Well my son now has a beautiful house with a lovely family. He has state of the art everything including the fanciest HVAC system I have ever seen and a truly impressive studio. He has people record music on beats that he actually makes himself. He’s like a modern Dr. Dre and I’m impressed with what he has going on. I love the radiant heated floors in his home, I wish I could afford that in mine. He has offered to have radiant heated floors installed for us, but I always refuse because I feel that I should be able to take care of my own home, but he’s so kind to offer things like that. We are very proud of our son.

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