Feeling the dentist's office air conditioning

Talking to my cousin John about my visit to the dentist the other day and realized we go to the same Dentist. When John and I got insurance for our jobs a few years ago we both went to our friend Mike to see who he goes to. We didn’t realize at the time we were meeting the same guy but we recently found out we do when we talked about weird topics. Mainly the subject was where we hate to go because the air conditioning is so cold. We listed a few places like I said the movie theater, and he said the pool at the gym. Then we landed on the air quality at the dentist’s office. First of all my Dentist Mr. Robert Estlund is a great guy and he does a phenomenal job. I’d say it’s second to no one. The one thing about his dentist’s office is that he loves it cold. I sometimes walk in with jeans on even when it’s 90 degrees outside because after being in his office for 10 minutes I can’t handle wearing shorts. I know John and I shared a couple of stories about our visits there and I did say it may not last much longer because the man doesn’t clean his air conditioning filters. So probably one day we will walk in there and it will feel like a sauna and that day I’ll hate to be wearing jeans. I have talked to our dentist a few times about the temperature but he laughs and you can tell he is grinning behind his plastic mask. His eyes give it away. Regardless he’s a great guy but I wish he’d take me seriously about the temperature.

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