A good approach to air conditioning

I’m watching as our region of the country is going through that annual rebirth process that I love, however for sure, I easily like having such a mild Winter time & I’m worried to see that end, but the people I was with and I also get this gorgeous Springtime prior to the brutal heat & humidity of the coming Summer, and however, the un-even temperatures are rising & I’m hearing a few heat pumps kick on with this year’s first bit of air conditioning! That’s something that I’m looking to change up a bit when it comes to dealing with the weather conditions here! I’ve been down here for more than a decade now & it’s time that I start acting savor it when it comes to the weather conditions.

I’m done being that guy who is scurrying from 1 the commercial HVAC of the office to the central air conditioning at home.

I’ve decided that I’m not spending our entire summer time inside the air conditioning this year! Where I live is beautiful with plenty to do outside. But since I’ve been here, I pretty much stay inside the cooling comfort of the residential HVAC all Summer. That’s going to change & I’m going to save on air conditioning costs as well. It’s a pretty easy plan really. I’m just not going to reach for the temperature control until much deeper into the Springtime. I sort of want to lean into getting more accustomed to the weather conditions here, however granted, you don’t want to be outside during the peak heating hours of the summer. That’s a time of day where being inside the central air conditioning of condo or the commercial HVAC of the office is a wonderful idea. But I want to get more comfortable with higher un-even temperatures simply so I can get outside in the day or after I get condo from work.


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