The fireplace switched on!

When I moved into my apartment, I thought it was charming… Unluckyly, I had to call the service guy every morning as I was finding new things broken, and the home building was brand new, and I had an home with 2 dining rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a working fireplace… After less than a week, I had to get a new refrigerator, the washer and dryer hadn’t been attached, and the fireplace wouldn’t light, then it was chilly in the apartment, because they hadn’t put a thermostat in there yet, and wednesday morning, I was waiting for the Heating and A/C specialist to install the thermostats, however on Tuesday, the service guy told me they would have a plumber at the home to turn on the gas so I could use the fireplace. I thought I should have access to the gas lever so I could use the fireplace instead of the furnace, and he wasn’t glad when I said this, however he told me to take it up with the plumber; Monday, I should have been at work, but I was waiting for the Heating and A/C specialist. He hadn’t brought the right thermostats the home director ordered, and he needed directions on where they were to go. I spent an entire morning listening to the building director and the Heating and A/C specialist argue over the localement of multiple thermostats. It is soon going to be time for me sign a new lease. Mine is for only a single year, but I am hoping the minute lease will be for 5 years. I love the home now that the bugs are all worked out. I am only 5 hours from labor if I walk, and I have excellent Heating and A/C, and a working fireplace. What more could a single guy want?

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