The heating system in the camper isn't working

During the summer, both of us spend a whole lot of time in our camper out in the woods, and we care about taking the whole family plus going out to reconnect with nature plus swim in the pond… It’s genuinely a great family activity, that’s for sure.

I can’t consider anything that I love more than taking everyone out in the camper for a weekend of family fun.

My husband likes to go camping all year long, even during the winter. I keep telling him that I don’t want to go out in the cold, although he doesn’t mind it at all, and he says that he likes being out in the elements as long as both of us have some sort of a heating source close by to us. The real problem with that is that both of us are having a problem with the heating idea in the camper, however usually, the camper’s heating idea works genuinely well but both of us have noticed the last couple of times that both of us took it out that something is going wrong with the gas furnace in the camper. It’s simply too freezing out right now to try to spend any amount of time in the woods or the camper separate from a heating idea of some sort. My husband tried to work on it although he just couldn’t get it fixed no matter what he did. He wants to go camping this weekend, even though the heating idea still isn’t operating correctly. I told him that there is just no way that I’m going to go out there in these temperatures separate from a gas furnace.


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