My husband tore the A/C up in our house

My husband Jon just isn’t good at fixing things around our house. I don’t know what the deal is with him, but even if he watches a video online about fixing things, he still can’t fix things. Back in the summer when our air conditioning system tore up, Jon said that he wanted to try to fix it himself instead of calling the HVAC company. I didn’t think that was a good idea at all because I had seen how all of his repair jobs had turned out before. I didn’t think that it was going to turn out well at all, and I was right. Jon just isn’t good at fixing things. He’s pretty smart about a lot of things, but being handy around the house just isn’t one of them at all. Whenever he tries to fix something, he ends up making it even worse than it was to start with and that’s what ended up happening with our A/C system, too. Even though the summer was almost over when this happened, the weather still wasn’t cooling down much and I am a woman who needs air conditioning whenever it’s hotter than 70 degrees outside. Jon decided to try to fix the air conditioning himself rather than call the local HVAC company, but then he ended up with the air conditioning system spread out all over the floor in little pieces and parts. I was so mad at him when he did that! We ended up having to call the HVAC company anyway, and we had to pay them a lot more than we would have if we’d just called them in the first place.


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