The lake house has a small fireplace

Last weekend I spent some cash plus took a trip out to spend time with my brother plus his hubby in this new lake house that they had built out in the woods. Before booking this trip I have to confess that I was feeling a little bit anxious about it. The main reason being that I am an HVAC repairman that is always on call, so taking this much time off from work just feels downright weird. The third reason being is that I was feeling a bit anxious about being out in nature for so long. As a lifelong city boy being away from all of the skyscrapers plus action was not something I was used to. Well, upon arriving at my brother’s lake house I was pleasantly surprised. Instead of having a state of the art air conditioner idea adore I have back at new home in my apartment, all they had in their lake house in the woods was a small fireplace. It seemed to do just as enjoyable of a task as the gas heating systems that I install all the time at work, so the whole weekend ended up being nice plus comfy. When all of us were not out fishing or exploring all of us would gather around the fire plus catch up on life. I was absolutely anxious to say goodbye to my brother plus brother in law, even though I can’t lie, I was starting to miss the guys back at the HVAC repair shop!



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