I actually get to use the ac system for once

My spouse has left to go visit her parents far away to the southeast of the country, but i would have accompanied her, however work obligations have compelled me to stay behind… We have to keep the income flowing, after all.

I wasn’t quite able to request holiday time because her parents extended the offer for a visit with such short notice, however my spouse completely understands, though she will miss me. I’ll miss her too, however there is a single thing that I won’t miss for the entire duration of her stay with her parents. My spouse has a tendency to either turn the heat way up or barely use the cooling system for the entire time she is home… Because she is cabin more often than I am, I often come cabin to a home that is significantly warmer than I would like it to be. I’ve l received to deal with this; However, on the chances that I am the only a single home, it is nice to get some quality alone time plus like a cool plus crisp home for a change! It’s absolutely appealing to not have to be so warm. My spouse even knew that I would identifiably like this while she was gone, plus she admonished me not to use the cooling system excessively. I pay the bill, so I’ll do as I please, thank you really much! After all, with all the money we have been saving this Summer barely using the cooling system at all, I can afford to crank it up just about as high as I want it to go.


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