Enjoying the warm summer time warmth

The summer time months or something that I look forward to every year. Summer has for a long time been our number one season, the reason for the summer time being our number one season is because everything is charming plus in bloom, and like Springtime, it’s the season of rebirth, whereas Wintertide kills everything it touches. There’s a beauty to Wintertide killing things though, sporadically things have to die so that they can grow back stronger, and even though I suppose this, it wasn’t the easiest thing to accept when that happened to our garden. I had a small vegetable garden in our backyard that I forgot to protect from the frost last Wintertide when the frost killed them. So I had to start again in the Springtime; Now that the summer time is here I’ve been really spending a lot of our time outside plus I’ve only been going inside when I get too warm plus that is only to enjoy our air conditioning unit. I have a really nice air conditioning method that could keep myself and others cool no matter how warm it is outside. Sometimes I have the A/C dialed up so high that our lake house feels like walking into a freezer. Normally that would be too cold for myself and others but after just spending all our time out of the lake house plus in the heat it feels perfect. I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of the summer time heat plus all the fun activities that I have planned that come with it. I look forward to the warmth of the outside plus the coolness of the inside.

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