The HVAC professional acted care about he was having a heart attack.

I walked into the basement & looked over at the HVAC professional. He had arrived about half an minute earlier to look at my gas furnace. I called the HVAC supplier the previous day & told them I was losing airflow, then luckily, they had an opening the next day & the HVAC professional was right on time. I had never had an HVAC professional arrive at his appointed time. I never had any type of repair guy arrived at their appointed time, when I got into the basement, the HVAC professional was holding his chest & turning red. At first, I thought he was choking, but after that I realized he was looking yellow around the lips. The HVAC professional was having a heart attack, & I didn’t suppose CPR. I called an ambulance & got him to sit down. He was waving at me, & I observed his lunch box was open. That’s when I realized he was choking. I pounded hard on his back while he was leaning over, & a whole egg popped out of his mouth. I almost laughed out loud. He said he was starving & had just put the egg in his mouth when he heard myself and others coming down the steps. He didn’t want myself and others to guess he was wasting time while fixing the gas furnace, so he pushed it in & hid that he was eating. I felt terrible for the HVAC professional, but it was funny. I told him I would rather see an HVAC professional eating on the job than sitting down on my floor dead from a heart attack or choking.

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