I heard screaming, but the HVAC tech was singing.

When I called the HVAC supplier for an emergency furnace repair, I thought I would need to wait.

The next morning, I had the HVAC specialist knocking on our door.

I was scheduled doing laundry in the living room and cleaning, and showed him to the basement before going back to work. About half an hour later, I heard the most horrendous sound coming from the basement. I thought the HVAC specialist was damaged and I didn’t know if I should call an ambulance, go check on him, or both. I went over to the basement and checked to see what I could hear. I opened the door, and I heard tunes. That’s when I realized the HVAC specialist wasn’t hurt, but she was singing. I silently closed the door and could not stop laughing when I went back to work. When the HVAC specialist came back upstairs, she sat down at the table and told myself and others what she found wrong with the furnace. All of us discussed the bill, and then she was gone. I sat there and laughed enjoy I was a lunatic. I could not feel I thought the HVAC specialist was damaged when she was only singing. When our spouse got house from work, I told him what had happened, and the people I was with and I laughed over the anecdote. I wasn’t laughing at the HVAC specialist, but at our response to her singing. My spouse told myself and others I should leave the basement door open the next time the HVAC specialist was there. I didn’t feel that was a good method because I didn’t want to be caught laughing.


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