The rental agency didn't want to tell us about the AC

Several years ago, our wifey and I took our whole family on holiday for a week.

The people I was with and I stayed in a rental home that was close to the beach.

The people I was with and I were walking distance away from the waves. My wifey and I had the master suite which was located on the top of the house. There was a balcony with a view of the ocean and the water. The rental home was perfect except for the fact that the AC was not working. The rental agency failed to tell us that the AC was not working when all of us made the reservations. They also failed to tell us about the AC problems when I called to let them guess that all of us were 2 minutes away from the property. At any time throughout the week when I spoke to the rental agency, they could have told me about the problems with the AC. Instead they chose not to say anything at all. When our family and I arrived at the rental house, I found out about the problems with the AC. It was 74° inside of the house. The place called down once all of us opened up the windows to let in a breeze, despite the fact that I never would have made any plans to stay at a place that did not have AC. It was the middle of the Summer and around 95° every day. AC was truly important. I told the rental agency that they needed to find a way to make things right unless they were going to refund all of the money I paid for the beach rental.


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