Sunday is our moving day

Every other week, I have to transfer our RV to a unusual campground.

I chose Sunday as the day for moving, because I guess that a lot of people transfer on the weekends.

I prefer to drive when there are not as many people on the highway and I constantly get a better option on the campground spot when there are less people moving in on the same day; Last year I was supposed to transfer on Sunday, however there was a problem with the gas furnace and I ended up staying at the campground. I did not have any heat coming out of the gas furnace and I couldn’t understand why. I tried lots of unusual complicationshooting steps and nothing worked. I looked at all of the videos online for information and I entirely couldn’t find anything that was helpful. I told the lady at the campground that I was having trouble with the gas furnace and she suggested a company that is close by. They could not come to see me until the following Thursday. I told the campground director that the gas furnace service company could come on Thursday if I could stay at the campground for an extra week. The campground director agreed to transfer our date to the following Sunday so I could meet with the gas furnace service company. The mobile mechanic came out to the campground to look at the gas furnace and she determined that it was time to get something new. I am not surprised. The gas furnace in this RV is 18 years aged and truly well beyond its shelf life.


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