The house fire was caused by faulty furnace wiring

I’ve been working for the fire department for the past 5 years.

My dad works for the fire department too. Both of my brothers are going to volunteer when they turn 18. I’m the oldest and the first to follow in the line of fire fighters. It’s a volunteer position, but I take it very seriously. I’m always prepared to go to the scene of the fire and give my life to put out the flames. I have been scared a few times, but I always try to maintain my composure. I have to be in charge of the fire or the fire will be in charge of me. I’ve battled several fires in the last month. Right now is the time when the ground is very dry and a lot of fires happen when the ground is dry. There is a new housing development being built out by the interstate. I responded to a call for help on saturday. Me and my brothers got out of the fire station in less than 2 minutes. We went to the housing development and there was a huge house on fire. There was no one in the house at the time, thankfully. The house fire was caused by faulty furnace wiring. It didn’t take long to realize that the fire originated from the furnace area. After the furnace fire, the fire marshal wanted to inspect all of the new housing and all of the furnaces that had recently been installed. He also wanted to speak with the building contractor and the person that did the work on the furnace and the wiring.

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