Cold winter and heating system

At the moment I am sick and I don’t know how much longer it will be until I start to feel better.

This whole situation could have been avoided if I am being one hundred percent honest with you, however it is totally worth it if you ask me.

This whole thing happened when I was with my friends trying to help him out with his heating system that was giving his family problems. We are more like family than friends so we do these types of things for one another without giving it much thought if I am being honest with you. No payment, everything is just based on love and respect. We were in the middle of the cold winter months and they were doing all that they possibly could to stay warm. I had told him many times that they should ditch their extremely out of date heating system and stick with a classic furnace like we have, but that’s besides the point. Anyways, while I was taking a look at his heating system the super bowl just happened to be on. This ended up making what would be an hour long job to take nearly four and a half hours. Because of this the house stayed extremely cold nearly the whole duration and being exposed to the cold that long left me a little ill. My favorite team winning the super bowl made me feel a little better about it, but I will never fix a heating system while a big game is on again, trust me.

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