Long afternoon sitting in a/c

It’s just one of those nights, but my boss has myself and others doing countless things plus I’m multijobing as much as I can, on top of it, I’m not feeling the greatest plus I have some deadlines that need to be reached by end of the afternoon this week.

  • Which means I’m absolutely going to be stuck in the office late this week.

My boss isn’tthe greatest guy plus to be honest I’m not even sure what he does besides sending myself and others an text at least once per hour asking for myself and others to run a report on something which stalls myself and others in completing the jobs I need to do. I’m just irritated in general but that has what happens when you paid the big bucks. Another issue on top of it is that my office is pretty moderate which makes it pretty uncomfortable. The central cooling system isn’tworking officially plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning business is supposed to send out an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman in the early afternoon. So I’m just going to sweat it out I suppose until that is fixed. I wish I was able to accomplish my jobs at new home but I need the printer here plus I do not have one unluckyly. I particularly should buy one though. I’m hoping after supper which I might have to eat at my desk the cooling system problem is solved. I’m dreading it plus it’s only 10 am plus I have only been here for an hour! If anything else goes wrong I’m just going to lose my mind but I’m sure I’ll make it through. I have no deadlines tomorrow so I might just use personal time after this week.


a/c rep