Arguing about thermostat temperature

My girlfriend and I have been together for about eight months.

We have had the greatest communication and we did everything together.

We enjoyed the same restaurants, the same types of movies and our friends just clicked as well. I knew after six months that I wanted to take the next step with her and she did as well. After talking about it we finally decided to move in with each other. We didn’t want to stay in our current apartments so we decided to go out and look for an apartment we both liked. That was the easy part because we both wanted the same things. We wanted a nice view, close to our jobs, central air, heated floors and most importantly a great neighborhood. There are definitely shady parts in areas of our city so we wanted to avoid those spots. So after a month of living with her, we started to form a crack, one singular crack. I never realized that the temperature control of the smart thermostat would be a cause of arguments. We both have the smart thermostat app on our phones and we always like the temperature 10 degrees different. Sometimes she gets home 15 minutes or so before I do. I work in a freezer at work so I’m always cold and I need the heat. She works in a nice climate controlled bank so she feels fine when she gets home. It’s been back-and-forth chaos with her and we need to figure out how to move forward or this small thing can separate us. I love this woman but we are going to try and make a plan so we both are happy.


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