Living life with my brand new fireplace

For various years now I have lived alone in my 4 kitchen house, the children have grown up as well as have fled the nest as well as the appreciate of my life has passed 5 years ago.

  • I don’t do much these afternoons besides read a wonderful novel, usually mystery, in front of my fireplace or lay out on my porch if the weather permits it.

I’m a easy person who has enjoyed all the pleasures of life so I don’t ask for much! My child as well as daughter will call me once a week to see how things are doing as well as I may see them every couple weeks but they both moved across the country. I have done a little remodeling since I have tons of free time since I retired. I have installed a current moderate water boiler, put current floors in as well as cleaned up the basement which is still a labor in progress. I almost had an HVAC expert come out as well as redo some of my heating updates even though I have the time. Money absolutely isn’t the issue even though I l earned a lot more about heating after retirement. I guess to check my oil furnace filters here as well as there although I rarely use them but I’ll still look at them at least once a week; Outside of that I will venture to the market as well as visit some aged friends maybe once every other week. The two of us just talk about football or aged school sweethearts. The two of us keep talking about getting out as well as trying golf even though I don’t guess we’ll ever do that, but like I said I’m a easy person so life has been good.


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