Bigger things ahead in my HVAC career

I just got word the other day that I was getting a major promotion at our work.

My job is as a heating plus a/c specialist for the local heating plus cooling supplier here in town.

I have been working as a certified plus helpful heating plus a/c specialists for about 7 years now. And finally they will give me a huge raise plus a promotion. I am going to be 1 of their top 3 chief heating plus a/c specialists. What it means to become the chief heating plus a/c specialist is that I will have to train then track the most current hires that come in right out of heating plus a/c school by going out on work sites with them the first few times in the event they need some additional help or training on the work site. This is going to be a tiring job but the pay is going to be real wonderful plus a lot higher than what I have been making as an official heating plus a/c specialist at this local heating plus cooling supplier. I guess that I am going to be great at this position. Also I will recognize that I am wonderful about teaching plus helping the brand current heating plus a/c specialists on the work. I recall when that was me 7 years ago. I got wonderful help from the then chief heating plus a/c specialist so I am going to be over the moon to be the chief HVAC worker right now. I am in line to help others like I once was. It is called giving back to the business with more currency to boot!


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