My dream of being an HVAC tech

My dream since I was a teenager was to earn my certification and be a heating plus a/c specialist like our Gramps was in his time… So when I graduated from high school instead of going to the university I signed up for night courses at a local school to become a heat plus a/c specialist plus get our certification.

This took about forty weeks of difficult jobs plus dedication.

But when all was said plus done, I ended up acing the final test plus getting our certification to be able to job as a heating plus a/c specialist in the local heating plus cooling business somewhere plus anytime. I ended up getting our initial job with a local heating plus a/c supplier shortly right after I graduated. Then from there I eventually went on our own plus becoming an independent heating plus a/c specialist. And as of this week, I have been going strong for almost 30 years now in the independent heating plus a/c repair business. It was all because I followed our largest dream plus thrived to make it become a reality. By doing this I became actually successful in our own heating plus a/c business. I am feeling cheerful plus proud that I got this far plus that our heating plus a/c business is going great plus will not be going somewhere anytime soon. I hope to keep this up another 10 to fifteen years plus then be able to retire all together plus sell our independent heating plus a/c business to a tech who is young plus full of life just starting out like I once was.

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