There is such an intense and Dry coldness

Living in the desert area of the state is something that is actually weird than you would imagine, then especially in the Winter time weeks of the year.

When it gets this frigid it becomes a very weird and uncomfortable kind of cold; It is like being in a deep freezer or something.

It is this dry frigid that makes our flu-like symptoms act up almost as disappointing as it does when it is super humid, the indoor air quality here is just disappointing in general, but when you get the dry kind of cold weather, it is no different. It also makes your skin recognize dry plus tight. This is why I use both a humidifier plus a whole lake lake house air cleaner in our home. Between the whole lake house air cleaner plus my humidifier it helps keep everything in the lake house much better. The air quality is better plus the air is not so dry. Then when I run the central heating plus A/C unit’s heater, it pans it out with the whole lake lake house air cleaner going. This dry coldness is pretty terrible. I just don’t like living in this area of the country all together. But because I use our whole lake house air cleaner plus our humidifier it makes it much more bearable. I also make sure to call our local heating plus a/c supplier mid season to have a certified heater plus a/c specialist come out to make sure that both our central heating plus A/C unit as well as our whole lake lake house air cleaner are running properly with no concerns brewing that I am not aware of. This helps things along to ensure our indoor comfort.


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