The new air cleaner works great

My husband Sven never told myself and others he had already ordered a new air cleaner.

All of us talked about the dust in the air & how our baby’s asthma seemed to get worse.

After Sven went to task the next morning, I got on the PC to the Heating & A/C business. I was going to have them check out our old Heating & A/C proposal to see if we could get a whole-house air purification proposal installed. When the HVAC receptionist asked me for the address, she asked if I had called earlier? I told her I hadn’t & asked why. She told myself and others that someone named Sven had called earlier that morning & made the same request. I called my husband & asked if he had already placed an order for an air cleaner. Sven said he had, & he was going to tell myself and others that morning when he got home. I rolled my eyes & simply told Sven thanks for letting myself and others know, & I just tried to do the exact same thing. Two mornings later, the Heating & A/C workers were inspecting our Heating & A/C system. He told us we could have the whole-house sized air purification installed & began asking questions about the UV light & HEPA air filters. Sven seemed to think what he was talking about, even though I was clueless. After explaining how the UV lights helped to kill what got through the HEPA air filter, I was cheerful that we chose both in the air cleaner. I could not believe the difference in how well our baby was breathing once the whole-house air purification proposal was installed.

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