The dust was unbearably thick.

I knew my ranch house was quite dusty. All of us lived in a section where the dirt roads were dirt roads. They didn’t do oil slicks during the Spring, & so the nearest pavement was more than two miles away on the state highway. All you needed was a light breeze, & then the dust was back in the house. My concern was that the dust was so bad, it was clinging to itself, & making it seem like a mohair blanket on all my cupboards. The grease from cooking caused that mohair blanket to build up an oil sheen to it, & I could not clean it. I hired a pro cleaner to get rid of the dirt & dust, however they told myself and others to call the local Heating & A/C business. If I had this much dust in the house, there could be a concern with the air ductwork or the furnace themselves. I heeded their advice & called the Heating & A/C business. I told them about the dust & the heavy grease. When the Heating & A/C worker arrived, he said that I needed a hood fan that would send the grease outside instead of pushing it back into the air. He then checked my air duct & asked when it had last been cleaned. I could not tell him if the air duct had ever been cleaned before. The next morning, I had a team of professional air duct cleaners cleaning & sanitizing all of my air ducts. Lucky thing they were there, because they found some holes in the air duct & repaired them while doing the air duct cleaning. I still have dust in my house, however it has a cleaner aroma, & the furniture isn’t sporting mohair blankets.

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