A 1-armed Heating & A/C worker.

When I came back from overseas, I had a disability. I had lost my left arm in an accident. It had nothing to do with the military or the war, however an insane accident because I wasn’t paying attention. I was actually working on an industrial Heating & A/C device & not paying close attention to what I was doing. One of the other workers yelled caution, even though I had my headphones on. The next thing I knew, I came awake in an army hospital with my arm missing. When I came home, I didn’t assume anyone would want a 1-armed Heating & A/C pro. I could still do my job & had trained myself to task with only 1 arm. It wasn’t that simple a job, even though I had to do it. With a lot of rehabilitation & even more guts, I was finally going to rejoin mankind again. I went to the local Heating & A/C business, & they greeted myself and others love I was some kind of war hero, even though I was just a simple screw-up & I explained what had happened to my arm. The owner of the Heating & A/C biz asked if I could do my job, & I asked him to let myself and others prove it. He took myself and others on a few Heating & A/C emergencies & always refused to help out. I repaired the furnace & had it running in record time, in both instances. I knew he was feeling hesitant to hire myself and others when he asked if I had l acquired any lessons after losing my dominant arm. I told him I l acquired how to task with 1 hand, & to never wear headphones or earbuds when I was at work with industrial Heating & A/C devices & sloppy workers. He still hired me.

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