The triplets owned their own Heating & A/C business.

I knew a person whose last name was Sister.

He and I lived across the road from each other, & he enjoyed laying outside. He was such a nice guy so he & I would often sit on the porch & chat long into the night before he moved in with his 3 daughters, almost a hundred miles away. After I got my certification as an Heating & A/C worker, I looked for a permanent position with one of the local Heating & A/C businesses. When I saw that the Sisters Heating & A/C supplier was hiring, I immediately thought of my friend Mr. Sister, who lived across the street, & wondered if they were related. I went into the Sisters Heating & A/C supplier & put in a job application. I didn’t assume I would get a response immediately, even though I was incorrect. Two mornings later, I was called to go in for an interview. The Heating & A/C team was friendly when I walked in, & they all asked if I was the new Heating & A/C recruit. I explained how I was just there for an interview. The 1 guy told myself and others that the 1 sister was a real piece of task & if I wasn’t careful, they would chew myself and others up, & spit myself and others back out. I thought they were only trying to frighten myself and others off, & it almost worked. When I sat down in the main office, a person walked in. She was almost more than five and a half feet tall, & dressed in an Heating & A/C uniform. Two minutes later, multiple more ladies came in. when they said it was the Sisters Heating & A/C Company, they meant it. They were identical triplets & all Heating & A/C workers. I got questioned by all of them, & I must have given them the answers they wanted to hear. They hired myself and others that same morning.



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